The Location

The Boxberg Forum has a modular design, which means there are multiple rooms in different sizes for any intended purpose. These rooms can be combined and customised for your event. Plus, you don't just get the right rooms, but also the right team for implementing your ideas. Contact us!

Event Hall: Heart of the Boxberg Forum

With 550 square metres, the event hall at the Boxberg Forum has more than enough space for your ideas, and every square metre can be customised and adapted to your vision for your event. The basic layout offers a sophisticated painted concrete floor, ceilings ten metres high, window fronts that stretch to the ceiling, state-of-the-art technology for lighting, sound and heating and air conditioning, and a kitchen. Directly in front of the building, there is a customisable outdoor screen, a huge southwest-facing terrace and more than 50 parking spaces.

The Gallery: New Perspectives

Two hundred square metres on the first floor provide all sort of options: the gallery is the optimal add-on to the event hall and can be used for relaxing, networking or even for providing views of the hall from above. It can also be kept separate and used as an exclusive space. The usual infrastructure is available for this space as well, of course..

Seminar rooms: Workbenches for your ideas

Three rooms from 45 to 54 square metres offer the space and office infrastructure for conducting workshops, seminars or working group events. They provide direct access to the workshops if necessary.

Multifunctional areas - our offices

Sometimes when everything has been talked about, it's high time to stop talking and get back to work – in one of our two fully equipped offices. Our offices can be used for preparation, follow-up work, or even simply to wrap up the day's activities, take a few minutes' break or clear your thoughts.

The Garages: There is nothing good, unless someone does it.

A vehicle presentation is great, but it's clear that what's inside counts. That's exactly what you see in one of our three state-of-the-art workshops with space ranging from just under 70 to a good 130 square metres. Each workshop has a vehicle hoisting platform, compressed air, extraction, direct access to the seminar rooms and separate toilets.