Full-Service Event Management

Are you still planning or are you celebrating already?

Want an event that surprises, amazes and leaves a lasting impression, whilst at the same time you are able to focus 100% on your guests without worrying about the execution of the event? We'll sort it for you!
We plan your event exactly to your wishes and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our experience, our skilled collaborative partners and numerous contacts guarantee the success of your event.
Whether you wish to thank your customers for their years of support and cooperation, celebrate an anniversary, reward and motivate your employees or hold a conference for international guests, we work with you to create a concept that meets your needs. 

As a project of Driving Concept GmbH the Boxberg Forum is a full service platform in all areas of event marketing.
We are delighted to provide the following services professionally through our partners:
  • Light and sound
  • Stage preparations
  • Band booking
  • Video setups
  • Media
  • Catering
  • Hotel
  • Equipment rental
  • Setup and dismantling
  • Provision of personnel
  • many more.

You'll be guaranteed an unforgettable event with us!

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