Bosch Proving Grounds


What connects the Boxberg Forum and the Bosch Proving Grounds in Boxberg? A very short road.

Normally, a trip down this road ends at a well-guarded steel gate, keeping outsiders from the world hiding behind it: a test venue with a total area of 94 hectares and driving modules covering 24 hectares, used on condition of strictest secrecy by automotive manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world — and also used by you, with us as the key to opening the gate. Our instructors can take you and your customers through everything we can do there (which is just about everything!) and show how it might be implemented.


  • Test area spanning 940,000 sq. m
  • 3km long high speed oval and two banked turns with 28 and 32 degrees banking respectively.
  • Driving dynamic area with a 300m diameter covered in asphalt and can be fully wetted down
  • Polished blue basalt surfaces with sprinklers to simulate very low grip surfaces
  • Two handling circuits with built in sprinklers over the entire track and much more.