Boxberg Forum – the fitting location for your event

Unbeatable. If you had to describe the Boxberg Forum in one word, that would be the one. A more elaborate description would be that the Boxberg Forum is an event venue covering a total area of about 25,000 square metres, located in the direct vicinity of the Bosch Boxberg Test Centre. It features a multifunctional building that covers almost 1600 square metres and offers everything for presenting you, your events and your products and services in the best possible light. It provides offices, workshops and event spaces. Above all, the Boxberg Forum comes with a team that has been turning the ideas and visions of its customers into reality for more than a decade. Welcome to the Boxberg Forum, where nothing is impossible.

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Boxberg Forum: an overview

Boxberg Forum gives space for ideas. Plenty of space – for just about any demand.


Total area: 24.800 m2 Floor space
Building: 1.580 m2
Directly adjacent to Bosch Proving Grounds


Event hall: 540 m2 + 200 m2 Gallery
3 Seminar rooms: 45 - 54 m2
2 Offices: each 18 m2
3 Garages: 67 - 134 m2


11.000 m2 Off-road area and other activities
50 parking spaces.
South/West patio


Modern light fittings, heating and ventilation,
operated centrally via a KNX-system
External LED display 2.6 x 1.5 m

The Location